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1. grab a ring that already fits you well and measure the inner diameter, preferably with a ruler.

2. To determine the diameter, you must measure the inner circle of your ring in millimeters. (see picture below) Please be very precise, because even a few millimeters can influence your ring size.


3. Compare the diameter with the values on our ring size chart. (see above)

4. voilà, this is how you easily determine your AD LUXURY ring size.

IMPORTANT INFO: Our rings are US-American sizes. If you already know your European size, you can easily find it in our chart. (see above)

For example, if your European size is 55, your US size is 7.


If you are still not sure about your ring size, don't hesitate to contact us via our email: Or simply write us a DM on Instagram. @adluxuryfashion

If a ring does not fit you properly, you can return it to us 14 days after receipt or exchange it, click here: Returns to get more information.